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Research Achievements

█ Introduction of Activities

Empirical Software Engineering Workshop

The Empirical Software Engineering Workshop is held with the aim to establish empirical software engineering in the field of software development.

EPM Training Course

Training Courses were held on Empirical Project Monitor (EPM)which is a tool presently being developed as a part of the empirical environment.

Schedule: The 1st Training Course, May 10 - 11 (All day long on both days)
The 2nd Training Course, May 17 - 19 (All day long on all days)
The 3rd Training Course, May 24 - 26 (All day long on all days)
Venue: Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory (Senri-chuo, Osaka)
Contents of the training:
The 1st day: Morning: EPM outline explanation/Afternoon: EPM demonstration, environment setting
The 2nd day: Morning: Installing practice/Afternoon: EPM detailed explanation
The 3rd day: Morning: Software engineering outline/Afternoon: Questions and answers session

Schedule: The 4th Training Course, Nov 24 - 25 (All day long on all days)
Venue: Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory (Senri-chuo, Osaka)
Contents of the training:
The 1st day: Morning: EPM outline explanation/Afternoon: EPM demonstration, environment setting, Installing practice
The 2nd day: Morning:EPM detailed explanation/Afternoon: Questions and answers session

External Evaluation Committee

An "External Evaluation Committee" comprising knowledgeable people was organized to ensure that the present project will soundly develop and produce truly useful results.

Subject: EASE Project External Evaluation Committee, First Meeting
Date: November 26.2004 13:30-16:30
Venue: Empirical Software Engineering laboratory(Osaka/Senrichuo)
Chairperson: Tetsuhiko Ikegami (President of The University of Aizu)
Board: Teiichi Aruga (CSK Corporation Representative Director)
Mitsuru Ohba (Hiroshima City University, Professor, Faculty of Information Sciences, Dept. of Computer and Media Technologies)
Takashi Sakai (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation Vice President, Executive Director, Technology Department)
Shojiro Nishio (Osaka University ,Dean of Graduate School of Science and Technology)
Ikuo Nishioka (Mobile Internet Capital ,Inc. President & CEO)
Kiyoshi Ninomiya (Daikin Industries ,ltd. Senior Executive Officer IT Development Dept. Electronics Div.)

Holding of meeting with overseas advisers

Meetings with four overseas advisers who are worldwide researchers of empirical software engineering are periodically held to exchange opinions on how to carry forward the EASE Project.

General Meeting

The 1st meeting, May 11.
The 2nd meeting, May 26.
The 3rd meeting, July 26.
The 4th meeting, August 18.

Individual meetings
November 4 to December 7 (two days each for each one of the overseas advisers)

█ Paper and presentation materials

Number Author Title Date Type Files
12 Eddy Parkinson Ripple Down Rules, a practical method of learning from code rewrites 2005/1/20 report
11 Kenichi Matsumoto Empirical Approach to Software Engineering 2004/7/7 keynote
10 Masao Ohira Analysis on Diversity and Similarity among Software Development Projects Using Empirical Project Monitor 2004/7/8 position paper
9 Masao Ohira Empirical Project Monitor: A System for Managing Software Development Projects in Real Time IEEE 2004/8/20 inproceeding
8 Yoshiki Mitani An Experimental Framework for Japanese Academic-Industry Collaboration IEEE 2004/8/20 inproceeding
7 Pankaj K Garg Multi-Project Software Engineering: An Example 2004/5/25 inproceeding
6 Masao Ohira Empirical Project Monitor: A Tool for Mining Multiple Project Data 2004/5/25 inproceeding
5 Masao Ohira Empirical Project Monitor: Automatic Data Collection and Analysis toward Software Process Improvement 2004/2/24 inproceeding
4 Masao Ohira Empirical Software Engineering Platform and Empirical Project Monitor 2003/12/26 report
3 Katsuro Inoue Mega Software Engineering 2003/9/22 report
2 Masao Ohira Empirical Project Monitor and Results from 100 OSS Development Projects 2003/12/17 report
1 Katsuro Inoue Mega Software Engineering and EASE Project 2003/12/17 keynote

█ Announcement and public data

Report on the research results in 2003

The research results on EASE Project in 2003 were reported in the 13th Information Science Technical Committee meeting of the Science and Technology Deliberative Society Research Plan, Evaluation Sub-Committee on May 19, 2004 as one of the research results of the "e-Society Basic Software General Development" project.

Report on the research Results in 2003 (Overview) (sorry in Japanese)


Empirical Software Engineering Workshop

The 1st Empirical Software Engineering Workshop (April 21, 2004)

The 2nd Empirical Software Engineering Workshop (July 13, 2004)

The 3rd Empirical software Engineering Workshop (October 5, 2004)

The 4th Empirical software Engineering Workshop (December 14, 2004)

The 5th Empirical software Engineering Workshop (February 8, 2005)


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