ease project

Goals for the EASE Project

Due to high rates of change, growth in scale, and cost increases, improving productivity and reliability are important tasks for software development. In the EASE project, we aim at practicing the empirical approach, the same approach adopted by other scientific and engineering fields, including measurement, analysis and evaluation, and feedback for improvement.

The goals for this project are as follows:

- Construction of an empirical environment
- Distribution of the empirical environment and application to real projects
- Accumulation of knowledge derived from empirical data and its analysis
- Improvement of productivity and quality for adopting organizations

Promotional strategy for the EASE project


Collecting data
Collect data from enterprises for the project.


Validation of analysis results
Validate the results of data analyzed in cooperation with universities.


Adoption of models and knowledge
The lab adopts effective models and best practices as expertise and knowledge.


Feedback knowledge and expertise relating to the purpose.

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