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Koji Torii [Professor of Nara Institute of Science and Technology]

Koji Torii
Professor of Nara Institute of Science and Technology

In the EASE project, going back to engineering basics, industrial developers and academic researchers working together will apply a cycle of scientific observation and experimentation. We will collect and analyze software development data as the basis for improving software development approaches in industry. The cycle will then be repeated, collecting data, analyzing and evaluating it, and applying better models of industry-academic collaboration and software development, to achieve the initial goal of improving productivity and reliability in software development.

Seishiro Tsuruho [President of Software Engineering Center,Information-technology Promotion Agency,Japan]

Seishiro Tsuruho
President of Software Engineering Center,
Information-technology Promotion Agency,Japan

Software engineering does not have a long history, and it has not yet attained a level equivalent to that of other fields of engineering. Therefore, it will take considerable time for software development to be conducted systematically with good methodology. However, the IT industry cannot wait. We need to start with a hypothesis, and steadily collect and analyze data. We have great expectations for Empirical Software Engineering, and we invite university teachers to enter the industrial scene for close collaboration and continuing fieldwork.

Katsuro Inoue [Professor of Osaka University]

Katsuro Inoue
Professor of Osaka University

The development of large-scale software requires orchestration of the wisdom and efforts of many people; it is naive to proceed based on just experience and intuition. Popular use of an empirical environment for tracking current development status and positive use of past development information will help development be safe and effective.

Kenichi Matsumoto [Professor of Nara Institute of Science and Technology]

Kenichi Matsumoto
Professor of Nara Institute of Science and Technology

We cannot fully understand the current state of a single software development project or predict its future with only quantitative data. However, we can gain insights by reviewing the quantitative data of many projects and closely tracking the quantitative differences of similar projects.

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